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                       Appointment Confirmations

                              You will receive a reminder email or text 48 hours before your appointment and will be asked to

                       confirm via email or text.

​                       Refill Appointment

                               In order to keep your lashes in optimum condition, refills are recommended every 2 - 2.5 weeks.

                               Client is required to book appointment online; a deposit or full payment is required. If you

                               prefer maintenance regularly, try to pre-book a few refill appointments ahead.

                       Appointment Prerequisites

                               A grace period of 15 minutes is given to all clients. Late arrivals will be serviced for the remainder

​                               of your allotted appointment time. If you need to re-schedule, please let us know as soon as

​                               possible.

                       During the Lash Application

                               The adhesive may not adhere if lashes are not clean, please remove all eye makeup prior to your

​                               appointment. There is a additional $10.00 charge to remove eye makeup and this will lessen the

​                               time spent to apply your eyelash extensions.

​                               Cell phone ringer 

​                       Please turn your ringer to vibrate.

                       On Lash Application Bed

​                       Once the lash application starts, your eyes will be closed for a period of time.

                       Lash Issues/Concerns

​                       SBL has a 3 day window to correct any issues client may have regarding premature shedding.

                               After 3 days, client will have to pay SBL Lash Touch Up fee, which is $40.00.



​                       Sow Beautiful Lashes accepts all major credit cards or cash. No checks accepted!

​                       Cancellation/Reschedule

                               Please understand that your appointment is reserved solely for you; we do business by

                               appointment only. All appointments require a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule notice. There will

                               be a full service charge of $25.00 for all same day cancellations and/or you will forfeit your

                               deposit if one had been made. Clients will be given an opportunity to reschedule their

                               appointment. If the appointment is failed again without 24 hour notice, the deposit will not be

                               refunded or reapplied to future appointments. Due to the demand for our services, if a client

                               cancels their appointment excessively, we reserve the right to decline to schedule future

                               appointments. Your consideration about our appointment policy is greatly appreciated.

                        New Clients

                                All new clients are required to pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve and confirm their

                                appointment. This non-refundable deposit will be applied to services rendered. Any exceptions

                                are at Sow Beautiful Lashes discretion.


                                Due to limited space, guests are not allowed (they may wait in the lobby). No children are allowed

                                while being service. Your eyes will be closed during the application and your children will be

                                unsupervised. This is for the safety of your children and other clients.