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DO NOT get lashes wet the first 12 - 24 hours.

Use a gentle, oil and alcohol-free cleanser (do not use cleansing wipes or cotton swab).

  • Wet your lashes with warm water
  • Put some cleanser on your fingertips and work gently into your eyelids and lashes (use up-and-down movements)
  • Be sure to clean you lash line well because this is where bacteria and other dirt can build up most
  • Comb your lashes gently using the mascara brush provided to you
  • Rinse well, pat dry your face with a wash cloth - avoiding the eye area and allow your lashes to dry naturally

DO NOT perm or tint your eyelash extensions.

DO NOT use mascara or gel/liquid eyeliner.

DO NOT use oil based products (cleanser, makeup remover or moisturizer) on your eyes.

DO NOT use manual eyelash curler.

DO NOT rub your eyes, tug or pull at your lashes. Doing so can damage your natural lashes.

If you sleep on your face, workout/sweat, or take hot showers - your lashes will shed prematurely!